Branding, Logos & Identity Solutions

We work with clients to build unique and professional brand identities that create positive connections with customers. We also specialize in the development of brand standards and identity guidelines to help ensure that communication is consistently impactful throughout every application. 

Website Design, User Experience, Interaction Design

The web is an ever-expanding realm of new technology, languages and trends. We help our clients navigate the waters and find the solution that makes the most sense for their business, whether it's a custom site built from scratch or a site built with Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, Virb, or another service. 

Strategy & Design Consultation

Sometimes the most important work is done before a project even starts. We're expert design thinkers that can help throughout the conception, research and ideation phases of a project as well as throughout production and execution.  


Creative Direction 

Do you have a project or campaign that needs some creative direction to bring it to life? We can help with concepts, copywriting, sourcing imagery, and establishing look & feel. We've created award winning campaigns for our clients.

Magazine & Publication Design

We've been working as Art Directors and Layout Artists for over 10 years on a number of print and digital publications from monthly magazines to annual reports. We're avid typography enthusiasts and we love showcasing our skills on the printed page. 

Point of Sale Advertising & Displays

In-store displays, signage, posters, and coupons are among the many forms of Point of Sale materials we've created for premium brands in major retail stores. We work with complex die cut corrugate substrates to showcase products and grab the attention of the customer where it matters most – in the store!

Illustration Traditional and Digital

We're masters of the pencil, brush, mouse and pen tool. We create unique, custom illustrations for our clients using a range of methods from the traditional (drawing, painting, screen printing) to more modern digital techniques (vector graphics, digital painting, etc.)


The design process begins with the client, and can be as simple or involved as they want it to be. Some want to send a quick email with a few bullet points and let us take care of the rest. Others want to sit down and strategize with us, getting involved in the process throughout each stage.

Generally, we always prefer to kick off a project with a face-to-face meeting, or a quick chat over Skype. It's the best way to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page from the start. It also gives our clients some insight into our process, at least in the preliminary phases.

We usually come armed with our laptops and sketchbooks and will chat with the client about the nature of their business, the market space it operates within, the potential opportunities and desired outcomes of the project, etc. all while scribbling or typing away to build a loose creative brief that will help guide us through the execution of the project successfully. We can create quick sketches or mock-ups during this initial meeting so the client gets a clearer idea of the creative direction we're considering, thus avoiding a lot of back-and-forth revisions later on in the process.

An example of process work for an early identity concept for Sutton Solutions Group

An example of process work for an early identity concept for Sutton Solutions Group

After the initial meeting we take our notes and sketches back to the office and get to work. We work in close consultation with our clients throughout the various design phases to ensure we never get off track, and that we're always working towards an end product that meets (and hopefully exceeds) expectations.

When we're satisfied that we've achieved the desired outcome with the project, we hand it over and patiently await the praise. Of course, if for any reason, the client is unsatisfied with our work, we'll do whatever is necessary to make it right (there's a first time for everything, right?)


We know. It's always uncomfortable talking money. But our policy is pretty simple; We'll work with you to find the best solution for your project within your budget. The best part of being a small, tight-knit team is that we don't have the massive overhead of the big agencies, and so we can keep our prices reasonable.

We provide deep discounts for local start-ups and non-profit organizations as well, so regardless of the type of business you're running or what stage of development you're at, we can help, and it won't break the bank.

And always remember, in the long run, bad design will cost your business more than good design ever will.

For more information on average industry rates and project fees, you can check out this handy blog post.