I was born and raised in Barrie, Ontario. When I was two, I sat in a McDonalds with my family while a tornado blew down hwy 400. After that, I spent my formative years playing video games, drawing funny creatures and learning Nirvana songs on the guitar. Upon graduating from high school, I ignored the advice of my parents and teachers and decided to go to art school. I moved to a dark basement in west Toronto and enrolled at the Ontario College of Art and Design, majoring in Drawing and Painting. I completed my B.F.A. in May of 2007 and exhibited my work briefly in Toronto until I found a job at an art gallery where I worked for several years while attending Humber and George Brown College for graphic design.

I had been dabbling in design since back when Photoshop came on 7 floppy disks, so the skills came pretty naturally to me. I operated as a freelancer for a couple of years and then made the decision to team up with my long-time friend and creative powerhouse Brandyn Aikins to form Design Cabin. We had been collaborating since highschool on different projects from rock bands to art collectives, so it just made good sense to partner up in our careers too. We both recently welcomed baby boys into our families as well, so it kind of seems like we don’t really do anything major in life without each other.

The best part of my job is getting to work with clients who appreciate the process of design and who aren’t afraid to try something new. I'm always looking for a challenge and for new ways to grow and mature as a creative professional. 

Outside of design, I love music, oil paints, HBO, Fender Jazz Basses, Star Wars, Peter Doig, and my beautiful wife & baby boy. Not in that order.





I was born in Barrie, Ontario and raised near the lake in Big Bay Point. When I was a kid and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I usually thought, "professional skateboarder," or "guy who can slam-dunk basketballs," or "greatest piano player in the world." None of those occupations ever came to fruition. Throughout my childhood I would watch my radio station salesman Dad moonlight on his 1988 IBM desktop computer, making business cards and flyers and printing them on his laser printer. Later I found out he took out a substantial business loan just to buy that thing... I soon fell in love with what my Dad referred to as "Desktop Publishing." I eventually tried it out myself, and by age 13 had created a hundred different posters for imaginary rock bands. Ever since, I've been a great lover of art and design.

After highschool I saved up enough to get a student loan and go to Georgian College for Graphic Design. I learned a lot about print production and found a new love for typography and print design of all kinds. I graduated in 2006, and have been working in the industry ever since. Now with one of my favourite artists and great friend Adam Johns, we are Design Cabin.

I'm married to the beautiful girl on whom I had a crush in grade 2, and we have a nice little house where we watch baseball on TV, kill tomatoes, shovel snow off the roof, and watch our two boys dance to Michael Jackson. I 'm also a rock and roll drummer, trying to fit in as much touring as my family and design clients will allow. Life is great but not easy – still wishing I could slam-dunk a basketball.