Design Cabin Launches the Pro Bono Brand Project


We've had the good fortune to work with some of the top companies in Canada, and it's an incredible ongoing experience for us. Some of the most rewarding work, however, is helping small start-ups get off the ground. 

At Design Cabin, we understand the difficulties of building a business from scratch. The hours are usually long, the teams are usually small, and the budgets are always tight, especially when it comes to expenses like design and branding.

 We see a lot of young companies make some common mistakes in the early days of their operation. Often they'll try and handle the branding of their organization internally to save some money, or, lacking the know-how to handle such things in-house, they hire the work out to the cheapest designer they can find. Neither solution is particularly effective in fostering the long-term success of a business. 

That being the case, we're offering an alternative to one lucky business or individual out there.

Design Cabin is asking for submissions for the first ever Pro Bono Brand Project. We're looking for deserving entrepreneurs and small businesses in need of a brand or a rebrand, and if selected, we'll design it for you!

The package will include:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Stationary Design (Letterhead and Envelope)
  • One piece of promotional material (Postcard or Flyer) to help spread the word about your business
  • Consultation on how to implement your new brand across other platforms (website, vehicle wraps, etc.)

Individuals and businesses can nominate themselves, or you can nominate a business or individual you know. 

Here's the criteria:

  • MUST be a small business. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, 10 people or less. That kind of thing...
  • Start-ups will be given priority, but established businesses will be considered if they express need and fit the other criteria
  • The individual/business has to be doing (or trying to do) some good in the world. Non-profits, youth programs, arts organizations, we're looking for you! (Although the project is open to the profit sector as well, as long as you're doing something good!)

So that's about it! Neat, right?

The nomination form is below, and even if you don't have a submission, please share the project across your various social media outlets so as many businesses as possible get a chance to submit.

Thanks for your co-operation! 

-The DC Team

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