New Year, New Website


Well, it's 2014. A year from now we'll all be riding hover boards and dressing like this, according to reliable sources from the 1980's. With this in mind, as well as a few other factors, we decided to revamp the Design Cabin website.

Being the forward-thinkers that we are, we had already moved to a responsive design a while back in the previous iteration of our site. However, we felt that it was time to move forward with a new design that further embraced responsive design while minimizing some of the other visual elements, adding in some much-needed white space, streamlining navigation, and adding some new content. Our skills and sensibilities are always changing and maturing, so it makes sense that our site would too.

Our portfolio, which was previously broken up into various categories, is now consolidated into one showcase that better represents our skills and expertise overall. Keep an eye out for new projects being added all the time–we've got lots on the go.

We've also added a design glossary that we think will be a valuable resource for our customers and anyone who is a newcomer to the design world. We plan on continually updating and building upon the current content, so check back often. If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions for this section of the site, let us know.

And, as before, the blog will continue to be a priority for us moving forward, and we've migrated our more recent posts for your reading pleasure.

We hope you find the new site simple to navigate, fun to read through, and easy on the eyes. 

Send us a message and tell us what you think. See you at the hover board store!